Hobby Horse Performance 2023

Hobby horse performance by Charlotte B., Charlotte S., and Madison I.

Alexa's poems

Three poems - A Thousand Pieces, The Day After Tomorrow, A One Kind Day by Alexa G.

Leather Sandals

Leather sandals by Charlotte B.

Crocheted Octopus

Crocheted Octopuses by Charlotte S.

Recycled t-shirt pillow

Recycled t-shirt pillow by Madison I.


Driving Forward - The Wheel - Diorama by Charlotte S.

Personal Narrative

Personal Narrative - "Tears of Sorrow" by Madison I.


Zentangle / Watercolor Horse Artwork by Alexa G.

Paper Mache Horse Head

Paper Mache horse head by Charlotte S.

Rockland County 4-H Project Showcase

This year, the Rockland County 4-H Program is collaborating with Orange County 4-H for their annual Orange County Country Fair in Otisville, NY. Rockland 4-H members are invited to submit their projects to showcase their skills and receive feedback for improvement!

About the Rockland County 4-H Showcase

Who can participate?

Any enrolled 4-H member can enter a project in the 4-H showcase. Whether you participated in a 4-H program, joined a club, attended a state event, or pursued your own 4-H projects this year, you are eligible to enter a project! Not enrolled? Contact Kristin Ruggiero at klf37@cornell.edu to learn how you can get involved!

What projects are accepted?

Any project you can think of can be entered in the showcase, as long as it was created in the current 4-H year (October 1 - September 30). For a full description of projects, view the 2024 Orange County 4-H Project Judging Book.

How do you enter a project?

  1. Identify the project's section and class in the 2024 Orange County 4-H Project Judging Book
  2. Follow all guidelines in the judging book for completing and displaying your project
  3. Complete the Rockland County 4-H & Cloverbud Entry List
  4. Complete a Rockland County 4-H Entry Tag (or Cloverbud Entry Tag  for youth ages 5-7) for each project
  5. Bring project(s) with Entry List and Entry Tag to the evaluation at the CCE Orange Education Center and 4-H Park, 300 Finchville Turnpike, Otisville, NY.
  6. Meet with evaluators on July 20 to discuss your project and receive feedback. Not able to attend the evaluation event on July 20? Members can drop off their exhibits at the CCE Rockland Office (10 Patriot Hills Drive, Stony Point, NY) from July 15-19.

How are projects evaluated?

All 4-H Projects are evaluated based on the Danish System of Judging. The Danish System is a method of evaluating entries or exhibits relative to an ideal for the exhibitor’s grade level and experience. Awards are broken down into four categories:

  • Excellent (blue)
  • Good (red) 
  • Worthy/Fair (white)
  • Participation/No Award (green)

The evaluators take into consideration the “process” or what a 4-H’er has learned through their project, not just the end product. Perfection is not the goal of 4-H, youth development is. 

Who are the evaluators?

The evaluators are selected based on their knowledge and expertise in the project areas. Evaluators may be professionals, teachers, or other volunteers.

What are the benefits of entering projects?

By entering projects in the showcase, youth are able to:

  • Be recognized for their accomplishments
  • Display what they have learned
  • Enhance individual learning and skill development
  • Learn and recognize standards for quality project work
  • Apply research-based subject matter to everyday life experiences

Where are the projects displayed?

The projects will be exhibited at the Orange County Country Fair (300 Finchville Turnpike, Otisville, NY) from July 25 - 29.

Is there opportunity for advancement?

Selected projects are eligible for evaluation and exhibition at the New York State 4-H Fair in Syracuse, NY. Even if a member's project is not selected for evaluation, their project may still be displayed in the Rockland County 4-H Booth. See NYS 4-H Fair for details.

Can animals be entered?

Yes! Dogs, cats, rabbits, cavies (guinea pigs), chickens, goats, horses, cows, sheep, pigs, and more are eligible for shows! There are different guidelines, procedures, and requirements for animals, though. For more information on caring for and showing animals, please read the 2024 Orange County Animal Show Book, visit NYS 4-H Animal Science Programs | CALS (cornell.edu), and contact Kristin Ruggiero at klf37@cornell.edu.

Last updated June 14, 2024