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Connect with peers and learn how to ask and answer your own research questions!

Cornell Youth Investigators

A Hands On Social Science Experience for Youth

Created by the Cornell University Program for Research on Youth Development and Engagement (PRYDE)

Who: 9th Grade Students in North Rockland High School

When: Wednesdays, 9th period (2:12pm - 3:00pm), March 1 - April 26

Where: North Rockland High School (Classroom TBD)

About the Program:

A team of Cornell researchers and students designed the Youth Investigators Program to train young people to ask and answer their own research questions and contribute to a range of research projects. The goal of the program is for youth to gain research knowledge and skills, and to recognize the ways they can use those research skills to learn about and impact the issues that they care about.

Over 5 lessons (completed over 8 sessions), all with accompanying hands-on activities in a workbook, the Youth Investigators curriculum covers a variety of topics in social science such as media literacy, scientific methodology, sharing data findings with others, and considering ethics in research. By using an experiential learning approach, the program incorporates positive youth development practices into the research experience itself. Learn more from their website: Youth Investigators — PRYDE (cornell.edu)

Benefits for Participants:

  • Youth gain hands-on research knowledge and skills.
  • Connection to Cornell University researchers: PRYDE Scholars (undergraduates) will lead one of the early sessions and share their experiences with participants.
  • Participation in a Youth Summit during Cornell Career Explorations 2023: Youth Investigators graduates will be invited to join Career Ex on Cornell University’s campus from June 27 – 29 on a special “Youth Investigators” track to engage in an immersive, social science research experience. At the Youth Summit, teens will build on their skills that they learned throughout the Youth Investigators Program while also having the opportunity to connect with other youth from different counties. The goal is to create a forum for teens that focuses on evidence-based social justice action. All costs related to teens’ room and board on campus during the conference will be covered by PRYDE (at least $350!).
  • $25 gift cards for completing short pre- and post-surveys. The youth’s responses will be anonymous and will help the coordinators evaluate program impacts on youth learning.


  • Must be a 9th grade student at North Rockland High School during the 2022-2023 school year.
  • Must commit to attend all 8 sessions and Youth Summit

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When: Thursday, February 9, 2:12pm, NRHS Room 313

Last updated February 9, 2023