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Volunteers are very important to Cornell Cooperative Extension of Rockland  County. Over 100 individuals volunteer their time to a variety of Extension activities, contributing over 100 hours each year!

Through duties as diverse as teaching others to prune trees or make compost, answering callers' questions on consumer or gardening issues, mentoring young people as they acquire new skills, or serving as board members or on committees that guide our work, volunteers represent Extension's far-reaching roots in our community.

Current and Ongoing opportunities appear below, with contact names for additional information. Some programs may require specialized training to participate; upcoming training dates are listed where known.

Current Volunteer Opportunities 

Become a Master Gardener Volunteer

The next program cycle will be 2024-2025. If you would like more information or to express interest, please contact the office

Become a Program Advisory Committee Member

The purpose of these committees is to assist CCE in assessing community needs and determining the direction of CCE's educational programs in order to address those needs, utilizing the research knowledge generated at Cornell and other land-grant universities. Because members come to their committees with expertise in their areas, they can help ensure sound educational programming, tap into resources that can enhance program impact, and communicate with other interested organizations and decision-makers.

Learn more on our Jobs page.

Join the Board of Directors

CCE of Rockland is currently seeking Board Members!

As a Board member, your major responsibilities are to:

  • Help maintain and enhance the relationship of the Association to county government and Cornell University;
  • Establish the organizational structure; support and maintain the organization;
  • Execute the Memoranda of Agreement and authorize the execution of other legal instruments;
  • Establish a Nominating Committee to function on behalf of the participants of the Association;
  • Establish policies and procedures for maintaining an effective Cooperative Extension Association including program scope and Association priorities;
  • Provide for the employment of the Association’s staff in accordance with established personnel policies;
  • Secure resources and prioritize allocation of financial, personnel, volunteer and other resources to meet the needs of the community in a manner consistent with the organizational mission;
  • Be familiar with CCE’s Affirmative Action plan, and to carry out the spirit and letter of that plan;
  • Represent and promote Cornell Cooperative Extension in the community


  • Sincere desire to assist in providing CCE educational programs to improve the lives of county residents.
  • Strong knowledge of the community and “connections” in the community
  • Dependable and will actively participate in meetings, events, etc.
  • Can represent diverse communities or neighborhoods
  • 18 years of age or older – and resident of Rockland County

For a description and to apply to be a board member click on the links below:

Position Description for Board members

10 Responsibilities of a CCE Board Member

Board Member information sheet & application

Applications can be mailed to:

Cornell Cooperative Extension Rockland County

10 Patriot Hills Dr

Stony Point, NY 10980

You may email applications to:

Suzanne Barclay, Executive Director, sb2475@cornell.edu

Become a Volunteer 4-H Afterschool Club Leader

As a 4-H volunteer leader, you will play a key role in helping young people grow as individuals, acquire new knowledge and skills, and become active members of their communities. You will gain personal satisfaction and pride in knowing you have contributed significantly to the personal development of youth. Contact Kristin Ruggiero, 4-H Educator, at (845) 429-7085 ext. 103 or klf37@cornell.edu.

Stormwater and Water Quality Volunteer Opportunities

Protect our waterways and drinking water by checking out the volunteer opportunities listed above!


If you're looking to have an internship in one of our program areas (Environmental Education, Youth Development & 4H, Horticulture, Health & Nutrition) or in any aspect of non-profit work, please contact the office further discuss an opportunity with us.

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

Prospective volunteers complete an application form In addition, those who volunteer to work with vulnerable populations (children, individuals with disabilities, etc.) will be asked to consent to a criminal background screening at Cooperative Extension's expense, as a means of ensuring the safety and security both of our volunteers and of the people we serve through our programs.

For information on becoming a volunteer please contact Cornell Cooperative Extension of Rockland County at (845) 429-7085.

Last updated October 18, 2023