CCE Announcement

Rockland CCE will be closed on Friday July 3rd for the Independence Holiday. We will re-open Monday July 6th at 8:30am Have a safe and happy weekend.

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July 4th

Cooperative Extension puts a wealth of useful, research-based information at your fingertips!

In addition to what you'll find here on our website, we offer free or low-cost workshops on topics that range from how to start an organic garden to making a home spending plan. Explore our links, check out our upcoming events, then give us a call or visit our Education Center to learn more. We're here to help, with information -- and people -- you can trust!

Please support

Support Rockland CCE

A great way to show support of Rockland CCE is by writing your county legislature about your experience with CCE services.

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Fertilizer Law Certification Program

July 1st , 2015 from 7-9pm A Rockland County Qualified Fertilizer Law Certificate Program will be held at Rockland CCE for those interested in becoming certified.

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Ash Seed Collection

Join us on July 16th from 1-4pm to learn the protocol for collecting Ash seed, how to identify Ash species a learn about preserving genetic diversity through seed collection.

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Avoid Lyme Disease

Find resources on how to identify deer ticks, how to remove an attached tick, effective insect repellants, and more, here on our website.

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Invasive Plants Walk

Join us on July 16th at 6pm for an Invasive Plant walk around the grounds of Rockland CCE. This 'weed walk' will display many invasive plant species that threaten the natural areas in Rockland County.

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Local Farmers Markets

Eating local fresh produce from community farmers markets is satisfying. Rockland County now has more farmers' markets and more ways to pay for local farm products to make supporting our farmers even easier.

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Last updated July 2, 2015