Public Presentations - Nick

Fun with Public Speaking!

Does speaking in front of others make you nervous?
Turn your fear into fun! 

Join the Fun with Public Speaking! Series, offered by the Rockland County 4-H program, where you can play games and learn how to effectively create and present a public presentation!

Learn how to:

  • Choose a topic
  • Conduct research
  • Organize your info
  • Make visual aids
  • Present with confidence

Games may include:

  • Impromptu Talks
  • Fun Questions
  • Demonstrations
  • Make a Commercial
  • Monster Talks

Complete your own presentation for the Rockland County 4-H Public Presentations Event: a chance to present in front of trained evaluators who will help you identify strengths and areas to improve upon for your next performance.

Stay tuned about information for this year's program!

Last updated August 18, 2021