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Use Water Sense Around the House: Why Every Leak Really Counts

Clean Above means Clean Below!

Up to 80% of Rockland County’s drinking water comes from underground aquifers

Watersense leaksWater Efficiency & the Environment (source EPA) :

Common household leaks come at quite an additional cost to you, your local infrastructure and waterways!

Less water going down the drain to the wastewater treatment plant means more water available in the lakes, rivers and streams that we use for recreation and wildlife uses to survive. It also means less treated water entering the wastewater treatment system, which will improve waste treatment by increasing the time concentrated wastewater spends in the system.

Using water more efficiently helps maintain our drinking water supplies at safe levels, protect human health, and the environment (EPA). Check out this Infographic on household leaks (click to enlarge):

Infographic WaterSense

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Jennifer Zunino-Smith
Environmental Resource Educator
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Last updated July 6, 2020