Sustainable Rockland

Our Sustainable Rockland initiative brings research-based solutions and sustainable best practices to the community in the form of presentations by industry experts.

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Sustainable Landscapes [2021 series]

About Sustainable Landscapes

Sustainable Landscapes is our current series which will run through 2021. This series is dedicated to actions that residents can take to reduce water consumption at home. This series is funded by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, the Hudson River Estuary Program, and the NYS Water Resources Institute.

Series Topics  will include soils health, IPM (integrated pest management), back yard rain gardens, invasive species and ground cover alternatives to lawn. All workshops will be offered as virtual presentations on zoom, at 7pm. All are free but you must register to join.

Recordings of Sustainable Landscapes Sessions

Sustainable Suburbia [2020 series]

Sustainable Suburbia was our first series that ran from 2020 to 2021. This series covered many aspects of sustainable suburban life from a municipal perspective. The grant funding was provided by the Toward Sustainability Foundation through Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Recordings of Sustainable Suburbia Sessions

Last updated December 23, 2021