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Fertilizer Law Certificate Program

The Fertilizer Certificate Program is a required course to obtain the Home Improvement Contractors Certificate; which is required to conduct business in Rockland County. The course is also referred to as The Turf Management Course.

This class has a direct connection to the Clean Water Act of 1972 through Phase II Stormwater Regulations.The class addresses the environmental effects of turf management and the impact that fertilizer creates on open state waters and stream systems. Explanations of fertilizer formulas are given along with the proper way and time period to apply fertilizer. Alternatives to traditional lawn and yard care are presented as a way to reduce fertilizer use and prevent run-off from stormwater

A review of the law is covered and how it applies to both landscapers and retail business sales. At the end of each class, a recap review of resources to utilize in Rockland County in relationship to non-point and point pollution prevention is provided. Each participant receives a certificate of completion as proof they have taken the required course. Pictured you can see participants of the March 2016 class.

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Rockland County will be offering Fertilizer Law Certificate Program(Turf Management) the first Wednesday of every month.

The 2022 Schedule to be announced 

The cost is $50*  – payable via Cash or Check

Although payment can be made on the date of the class, Registration in advanced is required!

Certificates of completion are prepared ahead of time and distributed at the conclusion of the class.

This Certificate is the document required by the County.

*As of February 2020, the fee for the Fertilizer Law Certificate Program will be $50.00

Last updated December 15, 2022