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Good Work, New York!

Good Work, New York! Episode Guide

List of Episodes by Topic
Topic Guest Episode
Using Soil as Paint to Build Awareness Kirsten Kurtz Good Work, Kirsten! [S1:E13]
Rockland Repair Cafe Kathy Galione Good Work, Kathy! [S1:E12]
Reducing Food Waste with Maria Reidelbach's Cook Book Tara Kleinhans Good Work, Maria! [S1:E11]
The Benefits of Nature on our Well-being Dr. Don Rakow Good Work, Don! [S1:E10]
Japanese Maples at Down to Earth Living Stuart Leventhal Good Work, Stuart! [S1:E9]
Composting Basics Q&A Kit Meenan Good Work, Kit! [S1:E8]
NYSERDA's Energy Saving Programs & the Community Energy Engagement Program Sean Welsh Good Work, Sean! [S1:E7]
4-H at the Great New York State Fair Kristin Ruggiero Good Work, NYS 4-H! [S1:E6]
Communicating Good Work Nicole Andreotti Good Work, Nicole! [S1:E5]
CCE Rockland's Environmental Outreach Interns Maya Aglialoro & Ryan Sedwick Good Work, Maya & Ryan! [S1:E4]
Harmful Algae Blooms & Public Safety Jennifer Zunino-Smith Good Work, Jennifer! [S1:E3]
Illustrating Demonstration Gardens Tingyue Tan Good Work, Tingyue! [S1:E2]
Using Video in Outreach Tara Kleinhans Good Work, Tara! [S1:E1]

Last updated August 26, 2021