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Good Work, New York!

Good Work, Tara!

Good Work, Tara! (S1:E1 of Good Work New York Vlogcast)

Cornell Cooperative Extension is featuring all the GoodWork that happens in Rockland and the rest of NYS. Tara from CCE Ulster tells us about incorporating video into our outreach.

Charlie: Hi there, Charlie here! I'm the Communications Manager for Cornell Cooperative Extension in Rockland County but you should know that because I've already told you. And today I'm here with the beautiful Miss Tara Kleinhans. Miss Tara Kleinhans introduce yourself please.

Tara: Hello everyone I'm Tara, Operations Coordinator at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ulster County.

Charlie: Tara what do you do as Operations Coordinator?

Tara: As Operations Coordinator I run the communications, I do fund development, website, database, and I'm executive support.

Charlie: Wow! You do a lot. So I can't help but notice that today I'm here in Ulster County which is odd since I'm in normally in Rockland County. So Tara, why am I here?

Tara: So today Charlie joined me and my colleagues for a CCE video training -as part of one of our Innovation Awards- where we learned about live-streaming creating promo videos and webinars

Charlie: Great! You know we learned a lot today but there was one really good take-home message what was that?

Tara: I would say that we need to produce more video content to engage our audience and give them an insight view as to what we do in our daily basis in our community.

Charlie: That's great! You know, video sounds like a really great way to promote the good work that we do here in New York. It's almost like I named the podcast that. So Tara, what are some good work projects if you're going to focus on with video?

Tara: Sure, so throughout the year we host a number of different workshops and events so I want to capture the essence of work. In fact, I'd like to give people an inside view so maybe they'll join our events later in the year. I also want to give them a taste of our culture, because we have a lot of fun when we're at work.

Charlie: That's great Tara but it's really good work! And you know, that's what this podcast is going to be about. Every week we're gonna have a short conversation with someone either a CCE employee, an educator, a Cornell University professor even and other people throughout Rockland and the rest of the State that are doing good work. And we're gonna focus on the good work they're doing and sharing their great stories and that's going to be the meat and potatoes of the podcast but we will also have fun elements too - not that that wouldn't be fun - but you know. So we'll do every week we'll have one of our Master Gardener volunteers on and our Master Gardener volunteers are one of our greatest volunteer pools. They're trained in all aspects of horticulture and they go out into the community and educate the county on different matters that have to do with gardening or horticulture. And then they're gonna come in and do something called a 'Fact Sheet of the Week.' Now, actually not everybody knows, but one of the greatest resources that Extension has is information, right Tara? We have all of Cornell University's research and information at our fingertips so we prepare these fact sheets on different topics. So for our gardening fact sheets we have anything from growing roses to composting to gardening in a warming world, and each week the master gardener will come on and talk about the Fact Sheet that's either their favorite topic or something they think everyone in the state or county should definitely know about. And they're gonna come on and share some information and do a little information exchange, and if you're interested you can always download Fact Sheets on our website or come into our horticultural diagnostic lab in person and ask the master gardeners all your questions. And they'll give you all the fact sheets you'll love to have and they're all free! So you should definitely do that! And you should also definitely tune in next week when we have our next episode of Good Work New York. So thanks everybody for tuning in and that's some good work New York! Bye!

Last updated December 13, 2019