Board Match

What is Board Match?

Board Match refers individuals looking for volunteer Board positions to Rockland County’s non-profit organizations who are looking for Board members. Through Board Match:

  • Organizations seeking Board members will have a way to find new volunteers.
  • Community volunteers will be able to find non-profits whose missions match their own interests.

How Does Board Match Work?

Non-profit organizations that are seeking Board members simply complete and return the online Non-Profit Agency Application which contains basic information about the Board and needs of the organization. Likewise, community volunteers/leaders who are interested in serving on a Board of Directors, simply complete the online Candidate Application. We do our best to match the candidate with several possible organizations that need her/his skills.

Best of all, this service is free through the Institute for Non-Profits – an educational program of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Rockland.


To Apply, download the application that best represents your needs.

Board Match Agency Application

 Board Match Candidate Application

Last updated April 6, 2020