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SNAP-Ed Chat

Join us for our monthly discussions on different nutrition related topics. Each chat will focus on a topic that will help you and your family eat better and lead health-conscious lives, as well as time for discussion and Q&A. 

Chat Session Leaders:

Amanda Conover and Sonia McGowan from the SNAP-Ed Hudson Valley Team lead these sessions.

Sessions will be held every Wednesday at 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM for the month of March. Click the zoom link below to enter the session. 

Click Here For Zoom Link

Leader Contact Info:

Amanda Conover, or (845) 429-7085 ext. 122

Sonia McGowan, or (845) 429-7085 ext. 141

SNAP-Ed Workshop Descriptions:

Make it Healthy, Make it Delicious!

Eating healthy does not have to mean sacrificing the foods and flavors you love! Learn SMALL changes you can make to your current favorites to kick up the nutrition for you and your family. Learn how to season with less salt and how to pick the right types of fats for your body.

Quick, Healthy Meals & Snacks!

Set yourself up for success! Get tips for stocking your pantry in a way that makes meal and snack prep a breeze. Learn how to save time and save money while still making meals and snacks your family will actually eat, that you can feel good about serving.

Eating Healthy on a Budget: Yes, it can happen!

Unhealthy food is indeed often more accessible and cheaper than healthy alternatives. Unfortunately, it’s these very foods that make us unhealthy and overweight, causing all sorts of INCREDIBLY expensive medical problems down the road. Healthy eating on a budget IS possible, it just takes a game plan and a little creativity.

Make Healthy Eating Practical!

Looking at a Nutrition Fact Label can be tricky and confusing. Understanding the label and finding out what information is valuable to YOU can make shopping and cooking faster and less stressful.

Make YOUR Move!

Stuck in a motivational rut when it comes to being physically active? Are you finding your family is becoming more stationary? Learn ways to work WITH your interests and schedule to get yourself and your family up and moving. Physical activity is the best way to balance a healthy diet so let us help you make YOUR move!

Last updated March 4, 2022