PATH are funds available to support daily and weekly feeding programs and food pantries.

PATH Funds

Programs to Assist the Hungry (PATH) are funds available to support daily and weekly feeding programs and food pantries.

PATH funds are allocated by the Rockland County Legislature to support the emergency nutrition needs of county residents. These funds are distributed through a competitive grant process.

All grant recipients must be nonprofit organizations serving the emergency food needs of Rockland County residents. Recipients must provide regular distribution of food relief on a daily or weekly basis. Applications must include the Federal Tax ID number, documentation of tax-exempt status, and must include a list of current board members and their addresses.

These funds are to be used solely for emergency food programs. Expenditures may include cleaning items and paper/plastic supplies for those programs which provide meals. Costs of pots, pans, and other equipment will not be covered. Food pantry items may include shelf staple items as well as fruit, produce, meats and formula . Gift certificates and holiday basket items will not be covered . Purchases may not include New York State tax.

Applications are typically due in August or September.

By December 31, you must submit receipts showing how the funds were spent. You may also submit receipts as the money is spent. All receipts submitted must:

  • include only items for use in the feeding program; they may not include personal items or items for the agency’s use outside of providing meals/food.
  • be clear and easy to read.
  • be attached to a sheet with the program’s name and address and the signature of the contact person or the agency director.

Failure to supply end-of-year information or to comply with the regulations regarding eligible expenditures may result in being prohibited from applying for PATH grants in future years.

Last updated August 19, 2021