Join the Board of Directors

CCE of Rockland is currently seeking Board Members!

As a Board member, your major responsibilities are to:

  • Help maintain and enhance the relationship of the Association to county government and Cornell University;
  • Establish the organizational structure; support and maintain the organization;
  • Execute the Memoranda of Agreement and authorize the execution of other legal instruments;
  • Establish a Nominating Committee to function on behalf of the participants of the Association;
  • Establish policies and procedures for maintaining an effective Cooperative Extension Association including program scope and Association priorities;
  • Provide for the employment of the Association’s staff in accordance with established personnel policies;
  • Secure resources and prioritize allocation of financial, personnel, volunteer and other resources to meet the needs of the community in a manner consistent with the organizational mission;
  • Be familiar with CCE’s Affirmative Action plan, and to carry out the spirit and letter of that plan;
  • Represent and promote Cornell Cooperative Extension in the community


  • Sincere desire to assist in providing CCE educational programs to improve the lives of county residents.
  • Strong knowledge of the community and “connections” in the community
  • Dependable and will actively participate in meetings, events, etc.
  • Can represent diverse communities or neighborhoods
  • 18 years of age or older – and resident of Rockland County

For a description and to apply to be a board member click on the links below:

Position Description for Board members

10 Responsibilities of a CCE Board Member

Board Member information sheet & application

Applications can be mailed to:

Cornell Cooperative Extension Rockland County

10 Patriot Hills Dr

Stony Point, NY 10980

Emailed applications are also accepted.

Last updated July 6, 2020