Hudson River Fish Advisory Outreach Project

The Hudson River Fish Advisory Outreach Project is a multi-year initiative of the New York State Department of Health. The goal of the Project is for all anglers and others who eat fish from the Hudson River to know about and follow the New York State fish advisories. The project area extends from Hudson Falls to the New York City Battery.

What are the Project objectives?

  1. To encourage anglers and other fish consumers to follow the health advisories.
  2. To promote awareness of the advisories by posting signs at major fishing access sites on the River.
  3. To maintain advisory awareness through education and promotional activities to targeted populations.
  4. To identify reasons that anglers or other fish consumers may not follow the fish advisories and to modify outreach activities so they are more effective.

In short, the Project aims to:

  • make people aware of the Hudson River fish advisories,
  • help people understand the advisory messages, and
  • encourage people to follow the advisories.

What are some of the key Project messages?

How will the Hudson River Fish Advisory Outreach Project do this outreach?

To reach people along nearly 400 miles of the Hudson, local partnerships are critical. The New York State Department of Health works in partnership with other state and local agencies and many other groups that share our goal - and we welcome new partners.

We reach out to both people who fish the Hudson and to their family members. Partners include:

  • Recreational Fishing Associations
  • Marina and Boating Community Representatives
  • Nutrition Educators
  • Neighborhood Associations and Community Group Leaders
  • Food Pantry and Community Food Networks
  • Environmental Justice Advocates
  • Environmental Educators and Non-Profits
  • Immigrant Support Networks
  • Local Health and Municipal Officials
  • Environmental Conservation Officials
  • Parks & Recreation Officials
  • Health Care Provider Representatives
  • Housing Authorities
  • Schools and Youth Programs

In 2008, we awarded $60,500 in small grants to four community groups for outreach to encourage anglers and other fish consumers to follow the Department's Hudson River fish advisories. This level of funding support continued until 2014, when, through a new Request For Applications, we expanded the funding to about $90,000 annually to six organizations.

We continue to fund two of our original partners Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) of Rockland County and CCE of Dutchess County. These partners work with the Rockland Department of Health and Americorps program, and coordinate fish consumption surveys of area families through CCE Dutchess, Ulster, Columbia, Greene and Orange counties.

We welcome new funded partners:

  • CCE of Saratoga County
  • Rensselaer Land Trust
  • Arm of the Sea Theater
  • Hudson Sloop Clearwater

Connecting at the local level, these partners promote awareness of the health advice, help us learn more about who is eating Hudson fish, and develop educational tools and outreach activities. Grantees work in a variety of settings, from fishing locations on the river to nutrition programs, clinic waiting rooms, community events, food pantries, and in programs with students and youth groups. Since 2009, project partners have reached over 5,000 school children and nearly 3,000 adults through environmental programs. Each spring Transport of Rockland County has collaborated in posting the health advice in English and Spanish on public buses with an annual ridership of nearly three million people.

The New York State Department of Health has developed many free materials to convey the health advice on eating Hudson fish, including brochures, wallet cards, posters, a coloring book and a "Cut the Fat to Cut PCBs" magnet. The coloring book can be found in health provider waiting rooms and in municipal offices that sell fishing licenses. Help us get out the advice.

New York State Department of Health and our project partners reach out to people who eat Hudson River fish by attending county fairs and riverfront festivals, health fairs, and through many other venues. We work with local officials and other landowners to post advisory signs at fishing locations.

In 2014, we developed an interactive "Go Fish" game that helps children learn the health advice in a fun way. Please join us as a partner:

  • order our free materials,
  • let us know about your community event,
  • ask us to speak to your staff about the advice, or
  • contact us for the Go Fish game for your classroom or after school program.

Let us know if you want to become a partner in a more active manner, to be notified of new materials and other updates, or if you would like to be informed of new Hudson fish advisory funding opportunities.

Additional Information

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This information is provided by the NYS Department of Health. If you are interested in finding out more about the Hudson River Fish Advisory Outreach Project, please call 518-402-7530 or 1-800-458-1158 or email Also visit their website at or here at NYS Health Advice on Eating Sportfish and Game.

Last updated July 10, 2023