Can You Eat Fish from the Hudson?

Chemicals in Hudson River fish can harm your health even if the fish look healthy and the water looks clean. These chemicals--called PCBs--may be more harmful to young children and unborn babies.

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Women under 50 years and children under 15 years

picture showing how to trim your fish

Men over 15 years and women over 50 years

Follow advice about eating fish and crabs from the Hudson River.

Follow the advice diagram to reduce PCBs, which are in the fat of fish.

  • After trimming as shown, broil, grill or bake the fish on a rack so that fat drips away.
  • Do not pan-fry the fish or use drippings to make stock or sauce.


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Additional Advisories and Publications

Public Service Announcements

Read or listen to our public service announcements about the Hudson River fish advisory.

Hudson River Fish Advisory Outreach Project

The Hudson River Fish Advisory Outreach Project is a multi-year initiative of the New York State Department of Health. The goal of the Project is for all anglers and others who eat fish from the Hudson River to know about and follow the New York State fish advisories. The project area extends from Hudson Falls to the New York City Battery (PDF).

This information is provided by New York State Health Department.

For more information visit their website Here.

Last updated June 16, 2022