Teen Leadership Rockland

Leadership Rockland

What is Teen Leadership Rockland?

Teen Leadership Rockland is a leadership development program for sophomore level high school students. The program connects students with leadership potential with peers and community leaders through interactive seminars.

Program Goals:

  • Encourage participants to recognize their own potential and develop leadership skills and tools for improved community involvement.
  • Provide opportunities for students from different geographical areas to develop a level of mutual trust and respect.
  • Foster an awareness of community resources, volunteer opportunities and promote community service.
  • Promote greater understanding of contemporary issues through interaction and problem solving with peers and community leaders.
  • Develop pride in the Rockland County community.

What is expected?

Students are required to attend ALL sessions in full. Business casual dress is expected.

Who may participate?

This program is open to all Rockland County sophomore level high school students who are interested in developing leadership skills to make contributions to their schools and communities while preparing for college and future careers. No current leadership experience is required; a demonstrated ability to take initiative and a commitment to learning are equally important to the members of the selection committee.

Where are the programs located?

All programs will be held in Rockland County. A list of sites will be provided at the Orientation session. Families must make arrangements for students to be dropped off and picked up at the program sites.

What is the cost?

The program cost for those interviewed in July or August is $150, and the cost for those interviewed in September is $175,* due upon acceptance to the program. Financial assistance is available for families with demonstrated need.

*Refund requests will not be accepted after the program has started.

For more information: 2020-2021 Teen Leadership Rockland Brochure 

How can students apply to the program?

Applicants should:

  • Complete the application before one of three deadlines: July 14, August 11, or September 15, 2020. Each deadline has a corresponding interview date. Please do not apply before a given deadline if you cannot attend the interview for that month. Apply online at https://bit.ly/TLR2020Apply
  • Request a letter of recommendation to be submitted by your reference online at https://bit.ly/TLR2020Reference. It is your responsibility to ensure that the reference submits by the deadline or your application will be considered incomplete.
  • Participate in an interview with members of the selection committee. The TLR Program Coordinator will contact you to schedule your interview within the given time frame.
    All interviews will be conducted virtually through Zoom or held at Cornell Cooperative Extension in Stony Point, NY.
Application Deadlines, Interview Times, and Costs
Application Deadline Interview Date and Time Frame Cost
July 14, 2020 Tuesday, July 28, 5:00pm-7:00pm 
August 11, 2020 Tuesday, August 25, 5:00pm-7:00pm   $150  
September 15, 2020 Tuesday, September 29, 5:00pm-7:00pm  $175

Class size is limited. Applicants will only be considered if they submit their entire application online (including the letter of recommendation) by one of the three application deadlines and take part in the interview process.

Applicants will be informed by email as to the status of their application.

Visit https://bit.ly/TLR2020Apply to fill out the application form, but be sure to review all of the application criteria before submitting.

For a PDF of the questions, view the Google Form. Please note that only applications received through the online portal will be considered.


Participants are expected to arrange their own transportation to and from all session locations. If you are accepted into the program, but cannot arrange transportation, please contact the coordinator, Kristin Ruggiero, at klf37@cornell.edu. Lack of transportation will not disqualify youth from participating in the program.

Last updated September 11, 2020