4-H Club Leader Resources

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General Youth Enrollment Complete Youth Enrollment Packet Youth Enrollment Form NYS 4-H Permission Slip and Medical Release Form Acknowledgement of Risk Code of Conduct

Leader Re-enrollment Leader reenrollment forms (returning leaders ONLY) *To enroll as a leader, must complete application, etc.

Club Management (staff site) NYS 4-H Club Leader Handbook NYS 4-H Cloverbud Handbook 4-H Year “To Do” List How to Have Good Club Meetings 4-H Financial Reporting Guidelines Fundraising Guidelines Permission to Raise Funds in the Name of 4-H Approved and Prohibited 4-H Club Activities Guidelines NYS 4-H Policy 4-H Name and Emblem NYS 4-H Club Policy Membership NYS 4-H Policy Minor’s Name and Image CCE Youth Protection Guidelines

Club Officer Information So You Are a 4-H Club Officer…(Missouri 4-H) Secretary Handbook Secretary’s Monthly Report to the County 4-H Office Treasurer Book

Last updated May 2, 2018