Find stormwater management resources here.

Find stormwater management resources here.

Stormwater Consortium

The Stormwater Consortium of Rockland County was formed to allow for a collaborative approach to addressing water quality concerns. This approach has led to the development and implementation of a comprehensive State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (SPDES) Phase II compliance program.

The Consortium comprised of 24 participating MS4s has worked to achieve the six minimum control measures. Participating MS4s include all 5 towns and 19 villages in Rockland County. Establishing a Consortium has provided a platform for the exchange of information and ideas for meeting the new permit requirements.

In collaboration with Cornell Cooperative Extension and the Soil & Water Conservation District, the Consortium has provided the following:

  • Stormwater educational sessions for homeowners, businesses and professionals
  • Established two local stormwater laws: Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination and Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Grant assistance to fund efforts

Keep Rockland Beautiful 

The Great American Cleanup- April – May

The GAC is an event that brings out over 4 million volunteers nationwide. Join the thousands of Rockland County residents who will remove tons of litter from our streets, parks and waterways and help make our communities cleaner, healthier and more beautiful. More information will be available in February.

For more on the Great American Cleanup contact Debbie Shaw, Cleanup Coordinator

Fall Waterways Cleanup:September – November

Join us for the Fall Waterway cleanups. Know a place that needs a cleanup? Gather your friends, family and/or neighbors and go out and clean. Check out some pictures from last year’s Fall Cleanups.

Cleanups are not limited to these two campaigns, a cleanup can happen at anytime. All you need is the will and desire to clean an area of your choosing anytime of the year and KRB will assist you in making that happen. When you are ready for a cleanup you can REGISTER HERE and we can help you get started.

Last updated October 20, 2017