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Public Service Announcements

Electronic Recycling

Electronic Waste-This Public Service Announcement discusses the importance of properly disposing of electronic materials such as computers and TV's as the heavy metal compounds can cause risk to the environment.

Erosion and Sediment Control

Erosion and Sediment Control- This Public Service Announcement discusses the Stormwater Regulations on Erosion and Sediment control. This guide for Rockland County residents and the construction industry provides best management practices for a variety of projects.

lawn mower

Fall Lawn Care -This Public Service Announcement covers how to keep your lawn healthy in the fall, how to properly fertilizer, control weeds, test the soil and how to recycle your yard waste.

Household Chemicals and Waste -This Public Service Announcement discusses how to properly dispose of cooking waste, paints, pesticides and other house hold wastes. By properly disposing these wastes you can prevent contamination to your water supply, prevent ruining your septic system, and save aquatic life.

Leaf litter in the storm drain

Leaf Litter -This Public Service Announcement discusses the importance of properly stacking your leaves in the fall so they do not cover storm drains.

Salt Use -This Public Service Announcement covers how you can reduce the amount of salt you use for de-icing in addition to ways you can prevent salt from polluting creeks, lakes and water supplies.As you can see in the photo above many private storage locations at commercial facilities are improperly covered and maintained.

Used Oil Regulations-This Public Service Announcement covers topics which will help you avoid used oil accidents, limit your legal liability and protect both yourself and the environment.

Water Conservation Tips -This Public Service Announcement discusses ways that you can conserve and reduce the amount of water you use on a daily basis. This can come in handy when trying to reduce water and sewer costs and in times of droughts.

Last updated May 16, 2019