4-H volunteers

Want to be a 4-H Participant or Volunteer? Find the forms you need below !

4-H Forms

4-H Youth Enrollment

All 4-H Members must complete the 2018-2019 4-H Member Enrollment Form, 4-H Permission Slip, Photo Release, Code of Conduct, and the relevant Acknowledgement of Risk (if not participating in a Horse Project, select  'Acknowledgement of Risk - 4-H Youth and Cloverbud Non-Horse').

2018-2019 4-H Member Enrollment Form

4-H Youth Permission Slip

4-H Youth Photo Release

4-H Code of Conduct

Acknowledgement of Risk - 4-H Youth and Cloverbud Non-Horse

Acknowledgement of Risk - 4-H Youth Equine Member

Acknowledgement of Risk - Cloverbud Equine Member

4-H Adult Forms

All adults participating in 4-H events or activities must complete the Acknowledgement of Risk - Adult Form. The following Leader/Volunteer Enrollment Forms are for existing leaders. To become a 4-H leader/volunteer, adults must complete the Cornell Cooperative Extension Volunteer Application, which includes a Criminal and DMV History Check. Please contact Kristin Ruggiero at klf37@cornell.edu if you are interested in becoming a leader.

2018-2019 Leader/Volunteer Enrollment

Volunteer Code of Conduct

Acknowledgement of Risk - Adult

Last updated September 24, 2018