Green Gardener virtual gardening certificate program

Learn about native plants!

Green Gardener virtual gardening certificate program

Learn about organic edible gardening!

Green Gardener virtual gardening certificate program

Learn how to identify plant problems!

Green Gardener virtual gardening certificate program

Learn how to start a garden from scratch!

Green Gardener virtual gardening certificate program

Learn about garden design!

Green Gardener Certificate Program

A Virtual Environmentally Minded Gardening Education.

The Green Gardener Program is a non- credit, adult education program offered to environmentally minded garden enthusiasts, from the novice to the well experienced gardener who is looking for a little review. Each class topic consists of two sessions. The first session primarily a lecture presentation with a home assignment and time for questions. The second session is for student assignment share and review.

Learning Objectives and Student Outcomes:

The Green Gardener Program is based on the latest science- based information from Cornell University, providing students with a practical approach to gardening and environmental stewardship. Taught by Cornell Cooperative Extension Educators and Master Gardeners, this series of lecture presentations and interactive assignments offers an in-depth, environmentally focused educational experience that will prepare students to create a healthy and thriving garden of their own. 

Course Schedule for 2021:

(All classes are from 6:30-8pm via Zoom)

  • Jan. 27th and Feb. 3rd -Starting a Garden from Scratch by MGV Donna DeSousa
  • Feb. 10th and Feb. 17th- Vegetable Gardening by MGVs Bob and Diane Leifer 
  • Feb. 24th and March 3rd -Native Plants by MGV Donna DeSousa
  • March 10th and 17th- Garden Design by MGV Chris Shankar
  • March 24th and March 31st- Plant Diagnostics by Horticulture Lab Tech Michael Wilson 

Course Descriptions:

Starting a Garden from Scratch

You can create the garden of your dreams; it’s easier than you think. You will learn practical tips and techniques on starting a garden including site and soil preparation, plant selection and protection from pests. This class will help you start any type of garden from one that delivers fresh, home-grown vegetables, to one that is filled with beauty and color.

Organic Edible Gardening

Learn how to maximize the space you have to organically grow vegetables and fruit through-out the year. This class will cover seed selection, organic fertilizers, vertical growing, container gardening, cold frames, succession planting and more.

Gardening with Native Perennials, Trees and Shrubs

Explore the benefits of native plants and how to incorporate these beauties into your garden. Incorporating native plants into your landscape will grace the garden with spring, summer and fall color, attracting local birds, butterflies and other beneficial insects. Explore the vast array of native plants that are suitable for all conditions.

Garden Design

Learn the key principals of garden design to create the landscape you desire. In this class students will explore site assessment, ecological garden design examples and an overview of plants and materials. Each student will produce a base plan and concept design to be shared and reviewed with the class.

Plant Diagnostics: Diagnosing and Solving Plant Problems

Learn how to identify and treat common plant diseases and insect problems. By following the proper protocol, be able to distinguish the difference between cultural, environmental, or a disease/insect issue. Students will learn to utilize Integrated Pest Management Practices by using eco-friendly and non-chemical controls. The similarities and differences between organic and chemical insecticides will be discussed along with proper protection for both the environment and the pesticide applicator.

Certificate Information:

Interested participants can register for all 5 courses for a discounted rate of $175 (12.5% off $200). Participants will receive a certificate from Cornell Cooperative Extension for successful completing all 10 sessions of the 5 course program and project requirements.

Registration Information:

Participants can register for each individual course for a fee of $40 per course. Participants enrolling in all 5 courses receive a discounted tuition rate of $175 for the whole program. 

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Last updated January 7, 2021