Procedures for Setting Advisories

In New York State, these advisories are primarily based on information that NYS DEC gathers on contaminant levels in fish and game. NYS DEC collects fish samples each year from different waterbodies. In recent years, NYS DEC has annually collected approximately 2,000 fish from more than 50 locations/waters and analyzed these fish for various contaminants. Sampling focuses on waterbodies with known or suspected contamination, waterbodies susceptible to mercury contamination, popular fishing waters and waters where trends in fish contamination are being monitored. Also, testing focuses on those species that are most likely to be caught and eaten by sport anglers. NYS DEC also tests some game species (e.g., waterfowl, snapping turtles) that accumulate chemical contaminants. - See more at Rockland CCE's Fish Advisory.

Last updated June 25, 2019