Trees for Tribs

Trees for Tribs


Canceled: Trees For Tribs Planting: Ramapo

  • Monday, May 22, 2017, 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Canceled due to rain!

The NYSDEC has awarded Rockland County over 500 trees along its tributaries to prevent soil erosion. We have five sites and are looking for MGVs to help Scouts and other youth do the planting. It is the first time the DEC has been this generous with our County. Combined in this effort is support from Cornell’s Master Gardeners at each location to help the kids. They are awarding patches for their 100th Anniversary.

Location: Town Park at 496 S Pascack Rd.


These are the tools that would be helpful to bring along:

- Shovels

- Gloves

- A Mallet or hammer to install the trees

- a Buckets or other vessel for watering

Other things you might recommend:

- Clothes appropriate for the weather that can get dirty

- Boots or close-toed shoes (it’s not a requirement, but it is safer with all those shovels about).

- Long pants, water bottle, sunscreen or hat