How YOU can Help

Dear Friend of Extension,

Tell Your Legislators about the great job we are doing!

Please thank your legislators for providing the support needed to restore the Cornell Cooperative Extension appropriation for 2015. If you have attended one of our classes, visited our lab, or had your children experience our youth development activities please consider sharing your experience with your legislator so they will appreciate the results of the funding they fought to have restored.

It is important that our county legislators continually hear all year about the impact of our educational services. Please take a moment to contact your own Legislator. If you don’t know who that is, call the Rockland County Legislature at (845) 638-5100 or visit:

To View a map of the county legislature click HERE!

Rockland County Legislature by district:

District 1: Honorable Douglas Jobson

District 2: Honorable Michael Grant (chair)

District 3: Honorable Jay Hood, Jr.

District 4: Honorable Ilan Shoenberger

District 5: Lon M. Hofstein

District 6: Honorable Alden Wolfe

District 7: Honorable Philip Soskin

District 8: Toney Earl

District 9: Christopher Carey,

District 10: Honorable Harriet Cornell

District 11: Laurie Santulli

(845) 638-5100

District 12: Charles J. Falciglia

(845) 638-5100

District 13: Honorable Aron Wieder,

District 14: Honorable Aney Paul

District 15: Honorable Patrick Moroney,

District 16: Vincent D. Tyer

(845) 638-5100

District 17: Honorable Nancy Low-Hogan,

*BOLD individuals in bold font are members of the Budget and Finance Committee

Last updated January 8, 2016