2017 Budget Announcements

This page will contain updates about the changes to CCE Rockland's operations due to the changes in our 2017 operating budget.
CCE Rockland is elated to be here to celebrate 100 years. After the County Government’s 2017 fiscal budget omitted CCE as well as 32 other non-profit organizations (often referred to as 224 contract agonies) entirely. The county’s contribution amounts to about a quarter of their total budget, but since that money is needed to receive matching funds from the State and Federal Governments, it would account for over 40% of their total budget. Thankfully, the county government were able to utilize remaining funds from the 2016 budget to partially fund the organizations until June of this year. Without that partial funding, CCE would have not been around to see its 100th birthday. Since the funding is only guaranteed until June, CCE has had to proceed as though the reduced amount is all they will receive this year. To ensure the organization survives the year, they’ve reduced spending and cut-back services as to survive on only the partial funding in case no other funds are allocated after June.

Last updated January 23, 2017